Juggling Work & Home

When you are a working housewife, if that even makes sense, then it becomes a huge task to balance everything out. You are not only doing your household chores but also trying to earn some money. I am a housewife but I also work-from-home. It may sound easy but actually it’s not. work from home

Since I was born and brought up in an environment where women were encouraged to pursue higher studies and earn a living so it took me quite sometime to come to terms with my housewife status. To be very honest I still struggle to accept and fully embrace the responsibilities. However I believe in making the best of whatever you are given so I try to make it work. I also work from home so sometimes it becomes difficult to switch from the physical work to the mental one. The body and the mind have to be in sync for higher productiveness.

I often find myself in a situation when I am cleaning the house and mentally forming a blog. This may sound efficient and harmless but the struggle comes when I try to pen my points hours later and can only think about the cleanliness thus failing to recall the points. It is worse when I am in the kitchen and cooking something – wandering mind can be harmful to the taste of your food!!pexels-photo-269129

Even my “Writer’s Blocks” are hilarious because instead of going blank, my mind starts making grocery lists while trying to write about something. In short its a struggle. Since my home is my office thus it is even more difficult to compartmentalize. I don’t have a quite corner or peaceful haven in my house nor I get to have some solace in my office. Unfortunately my peace havens in the house are taken up by the dog or my home office!

Anyways despite having all the disadvantages in the world I never give up and keep at it with whatever strength I have. I know life has been unfair but I keep reminding myself that there are many others who have it worse. So I try to make it work with all the dedication & hard work that I could muster!


Running From Fear Is Not An Option!

The faster you run from your fear, the sooner it catches up to you. We adults have pexels-photo-262103probably learned this the hard way. With each passing day I realize that whatever I feared in my adolescence, I have to confront now one by one.

For instance, I remember having this unexplained fear of washing dishes. If you are born and brought-up in an urban middle-class Indian household then you are used to having a maid around for cleaning the house and doing the dishes. My mother used to frighten me into studying hard by telling that I would end up doing dishes otherwise. However she forgot to mention that no matter how much you study or where you work, in the end some amount of household chores is unavoidable.

So I feared washing dishes but now I wash them anyway. And in the meantime I’ve realized that it is not such a bad thing as it was made out to be. It’s simple and efficient.

There are great many thiman-couple-people-womanngs that I feared in my childhood and adolescence but gradually life brought me face-to-face with those fears and eventually I faced them and became stronger. I am sure there are still many such things that I will have to face in the course of my life but now I’m a bit less afraid of facing my fears & instead of running away from them I patiently wait for them to find me.


Trying to make it work

Life is easy as a breeze when you don’t have any responsibilities apart from completing your homework. However as you grow up, many elements get added up bit-by-bit in your life. Sometimes they are light as a feather but mostly they turn into baggage. As adults we all know that moving on in life with these baggages become a challenge. Sometimes we are able to negotiate situations with flying colors, other times we fail miserably.

This blog is all about those situations in life where you try to make it work with whatever resources you have in terms of your wit and experience. Let’s hope there are more flying colors than misery. Thanks for reading!

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